Thank you for visiting my practice. If you are thinking about speaking with a therapist, you may be grappling with something difficult or have found yourself at a crossroads. Perhaps you’re hoping to make changes in your life, but don’t know where to begin.

It would be my privilege to work with you to address any concerns you have (wherever you are in that process). I support people of all backgrounds to lead richer and more vital lives — whether that means resolving a dilemma, adapting to a difficult situation, improving relationships, diminishing symptoms, or simply understanding yourself better.

Taking the step to talk to a therapist is a courageous one, and I will do my part to contribute to your therapy by meeting you with authenticity, clinical expertise, and commitment to the process. Issues I commonly treat include but are not limited to: mood disorders, anxiety, relationship concerns, grief and loss, life transitions, identity concerns, anger issues, and perfectionism.

More than any individual issue, I treat the whole person. If you are considering psychotherapy, I invite you to call me for a brief consultation.

To contact me for a consultation or to set up a first appointment, call 202-854-8369.


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